The Paperless Research Process

Participants - Please go to to set up your trail subscription so you can fully participate as we take you through the program.
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We will also show you how to use other paperless sites with your students such as DropBox, GoogleDocs, and OfficeLive.

Start small
Expect this technology to do it all for you & your students
Know your student's Internet access outside of school
Throw away your Research Lesson Plans
Work with your media coordinator to teach Noodle Tools
Get Frustrated
Collaborate w/ other curriculum teachers

Start w/ students who have basic research skills (ex. Juniors, Seniors)

Allot time

Be flexible

Expect students to get frustrated

Set small due dates

Have something due everyday

Teach paraphrasing and grade it

Teach it the old fashion way first

Expect the same questions from students

Let students print it off if neccessary

Students keep everything related to their research paper in one place
Time consuming to teach but worth it
Teaches 21st Century Skills
Have to have Internet access
Shows students how notecards create the outline
Copy/paste feature of notecards
Time stamped assignments

For teachers - No more carrying around piles of notecards and outlines