Mimio Classroom (Caulder or Steve Schwarz)

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Save your White Board and find out how simple technology is to use in your classroom!

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MimioClassroom Solution

MimioClassroom classroom
MimioClassroom classroom

"...simple to use, priced right, and not confusing for teachers..."Ken Royal Scholastic magazine

What if all your teaching technologies worked together seamlessly, so you could simply teach?

Full integration is a unique benefit of the MimioClassroom™ family of products. Each of our tools is an easy-to-use, powerful technology on its own, but all of our products are designed to work together, using powerful MimioStudio™ software. That means less setup work for you and more time to teach!
Learn about the remarkable benefits Mimio products offer.
Turn your ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard - instantly.
The MimioTeach™ interactive system makes it easy:
  • Place our unique device - a compact bar - on your existing whiteboard.
  • Connect your computer to a standard projector.
  • Access everything on your computer from your whiteboard.
  • Create engaging lessons with MimioStudio software.Learn more.
=====Create interactive assessments on the spot.=====
The MimioVote™ assessment system lets you gauge student understanding instantly, at any point during a lesson, with maximum class participation. It simplifies assessment, grading, and record-keeping:
  • Lead an impromptu quiz.
  • Display and discuss the results with your class immediately.
  • Enjoy automatic scoring and record-keeping.
  • Review, modify, or download final results into spreadsheets.Learn more.
=====Save your regular dry erase marker notes - in full color.=====
The MimioCapture™ ink recording system lets you save the notes you’ve made with colored markers on your ordinary whiteboard. Your students can focus on learning, instead of note-taking.
  • Create a complete, accurate copy of whiteboard notes and drawings in color, in the format of your choice.
  • Convert handwriting to text in documents.
  • Save everything you write or draw on your whiteboard in documents you can save, edit, and share later.*Learn more.
*When used with the MimioTeach system.
=====Your students can learn more because they can see more.=====
The MimioView™ document camera allows you to instantly capture pictures and live video.
  • Incorporate pictures and live videos into your lesson, on the spot.
  • Instantly access editing and storage features.
  • Show textbook content, objects, or live demonstrations. Learn more.
=====Control your interactive whiteboard from anywhere in your classroom.=====
The MimioPad™ wireless tablet frees you from standing in front of the classroom.
  • Create and present interactive lessons from anywhere in the classroom via MimioTeach technology.
  • Observe students at their desks and give individual attention.
  • Lets students participate from their seats.Learn more.