Intro to the iPod Touch

Where and When?

Your Task:
1. Explore some apps.
2. Think of some practical uses for one or more apps.
3. Navigate to this wiki. On the form below, describe a lesson or activity you could do in your class using the iPod Touches. Include the names of the apps.
4. Go to Today's Meet and Chat up the iPod Touch!

District Forms

Lists of Recommended Apps

Purchasing apps at the school level

1. Notify the Media/Tech office of the apps to be purchased.
2. Media/Tech office will purchase the apps. Must purchase one license per device. 50% discount when purchasing 20 or more.
3. School completes transfer of funds to Media/Tech Dept.
4. School is given a voucher code to use to download the apps on the school Mac. Each school that owns a set has its own iTunes login for this purpose. Free apps can be downloaded via this login without a voucher.
5. iPods are then synced to the Mac.