Classroom Without Walls: Comparing Online Video Conferencing Tools

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As the old Epcot Center ride put it: "If we dream it, we can do it!"

Make sure we are video calling with instructional purpose and direction.

Take a look at Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano's great blog entries based on her experiences using Skype:
(Rationale and Resources for Pre, During, and Post Tasks)
Also, check out Skype an Author:
Participants: Please add other resources you find:
Examples for incorporating this technology in your classroom:
1. Reach homebound students
2. Guest speakers
3. Shared reading/storytelling with other classes
4. There are lots more, add yours to the right ------>
Please add your ideas for using Video Chat as an instructional tool:

Platform options
What do you get for Free?
Teacher Resources / Available at PCS?

PC or Mac desktop download, mobile apps (Apple, BB, Droid)
  • Skype-to-Skype calls
  • One-to-one video calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • Conference voice call with other Skypers
  • Send files
  • FB integration (free)
Find other teachers Collaborate on projects
Share resources
Launch from V: Drive, need to set up account outside of school network; once account is set up you will be able to launch and use.
Skype Me™!
Mac, PC,
Mobile (Apple, Droid), or Web Video Chat (have to send link by email or IM)
  • Video calls, 3-way (ooVoo to ooVoo)
  • Audio calls, 3-way (ooVoo to ooVoo)
  • HD Video capability
  • Record and send video messages to friends or to email address
  • Video and audio call with friends who don't have ooVoo
  • Text chat and text chat history (ooVoo to ooVoo)
  • Technical support
  • Embed a video chat room in a website
  • Send files up to 5MB
Launch from desktop or website

Call Me
Google Video Chat
PC or Mac downloaded plug-in, may need Java update too,
can use from iGoogle, gmail account or Chrome
  • Integrates with gmail, allows text, voice, and video chat from within gmail, iGoogle, or Chrome
See Google for Educators
Mac, app for Apple devices
Use phone # or email address, need wifi
  • Video chat
  • HD quality
  • Two-sided camera
Only on iPad2 and iPod Touch4
Mobile only, Apple and Droid
  • Video Call anywhere, up to 4 people
  • Chat
  • Free phone calls
  • Add-ons integrate with social network apps
App has to be downloaded to iPad2 or iPod Touch4

Skype Example Uses