21st Century Classroom

What does an interactive classroom look like?

Teachers often have indelible memories of their own learning experiences as students. We can easily rattle off lists of teachers whose classrooms were exciting and energetic places where students were engaged in meaningful learning—truly excited to be in school. Likewise, we all remember classrooms that were dour and uninteresting places where students struggled to stay awake and anxiously counted down the minutes to freedom!

As we've worked through our careers, we've also grown to understand that interesting classrooms are places where students learn more and where discipline problems are non-existent! Our favorite lessons and units are the ones that strike a chord with students because they make our classrooms come alive with activity for days and weeks on end.

But what is it that truly defines an "interactive classroom?" What specific actions do teachers take to make their classrooms more engaging? What resources do they select? What content do they address? What activities do they design for students? Which activities do students respond to the best?

Presenter: Erika Jordan
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